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Tutorial: Pose Stand

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This tutorial was made in order to help those in the beginning stages of designing. I am starting off with a tutorial on a Pose Stand. Silly, perhaps to some. Don’t be to quick though to rule out the coolness of the pose stand. It is probably one of the most important items that can be taken for granted in Second Life.

I am going to do just a basic concept one, but I would like to point out that a pose stand should be something to kind of have fun with. I mean you are the artistic genius, so why not make something to help inspire you in the process. Perhaps a stool to stand on or maybe some scales that take your weight? Or even maybe a small Lego?

Now in case for those that are still sticking their noses up to the concept of a pose stand, let me explain my reasons. It makes it easier when editing prims around an idea, let alone a shape. It comes in major use for prim attachments for clothing, jewelry, accessories, odds and ends, and even hair. The MAIN benefit to being your own designer, is creating your own things. Meaning, you can make them to specifically fit YOU (or even a model later on).

Since I know there are several users of Second Life that have a prim limit and can’t always rez up several prims,¬† I decided to do only a one prim pose stand. I like silly things and highly recommend playing in photoshop or gimp to find what works for you.

I am going to make a simple cylinder pose stand. So I rez a prim and enter the following:

X: 1.000

Taper (optional): [This gives a nice easy frame look if you want it]
X: 0.10
Y: 0.10

And there you have a pose stand. You can easily use this for the box option too if you do not think that the cylinder is doing it for you.

The next part that you need is the pose script. Create a new script by clicking the object you created and editing it. Click the Content tab and then the new script button below that. Right click on the script to change the script name to something like Pose Stand Script. Then double-click that to open it.

Select and delete everything that is there. Copy and Paste in the following. (Note: This script was not composed from me. I did some research online for one that works. This came from )

//Bella all the way xD

key mkLoungingAgentKey = NULL_KEY;
integer miPermissionsAcquired = FALSE;

         //overriden sit target
         //lower them a bit
         vector vLoungeTarget = <0.00, 0.00, 1.00>;

         rotation rX;
         rotation rY;
         rotation rZ;
         rotation r;

         //build rotations
         //Note: this is broken out like this to simplify the
         //        process of finding the correct sit angle.  I
         //        use the following form until I have the rotation
         //        that I want perfect, and then I simply
         //        hardcode the perfected quaterion and remove
         //        this mess.
         rX = llAxisAngle2Rot( <1,0,0>, 0 * DEG_TO_RAD);         //cartwheel
         rY = llAxisAngle2Rot( <0,1,0>, 0 * DEG_TO_RAD);       //sumersault
         rZ = llAxisAngle2Rot( <0,0,1>, 0 * DEG_TO_RAD);       //turn in place

         //combine rotations
         r = rX * rY * rZ;

         //override 'sit' on pie menu
         llSetSitText( "Stand" );

         //override default sit target and rotation on prim
         llSitTarget( vLoungeTarget, r );

     changed(integer change)
         if (change & CHANGED_LINK)
            key agent = llAvatarOnSitTarget();
            if ( mkLoungingAgentKey == NULL_KEY && agent != NULL_KEY )

                //changed user
                //cache new user key and request their permissions
                mkLoungingAgentKey = agent;
            else if ( mkLoungingAgentKey != NULL_KEY && agent == NULL_KEY)

                //user is getting up
                if ( miPermissionsAcquired )

                    //restore anims


                //reset the script to release permissions

    run_time_permissions(integer parm)

            //set permission flag
            miPermissionsAcquired = TRUE;

            //cancel the sit anim


Then click save. And you are no done with the pose stand animation that is required.

From here click on the texture tab, then click on the texture in your inventory you wish to use. If it is not there, create one in Photoshop or in Gimp. If you are not wanting to turn there, try the many various texture shops in world. I already made some textures and uploaded them to give my pose stand a wacky fun look. Have fun and happy creating.


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March 23, 2010 at 1:41 pm

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